My First Experience Painting Live At An Art Event At Whole Foods Art Walk and Chef Tasting Aug.11/13

Painting Live at Whole Foods Art Walk and Chef Tasting Aug.11/13

Painting Live at Whole Foods Art Walk and Chef Tasting Aug.11/13


This past Sunday was the very first time I had painted live at an art event.  It was during Whole Foods Art Walk and Chef Tasting event held outdoors on their patio.  And to be honest I was quite nervous ever since I had applied to be a part of the show this past February.

The worries started with the logistics.  My first thought was what will I wear because in all truthfulness when I paint I often end up with it in my hair, on my face, all over my clothes, even on the walls and ceiling!  I consider that a great painting day.  But what if I got it all over everyone!

In thinking of this I decided my best bet would be to bring along my Inktense pencils, with my brushes, some paper towel and a water container.  As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I have found that these pencils are really great for adding more intense shadows and other details to a painting that I had previously started in watercolour.

My next thought was whether this would be boring to watch.  Personally, I love the moment when a swish of thick colour is spread across a canvas or in watercolour when you touch the pigment to the wet paper and it spreads magically across the page and into the next colour.  But as it turned out many of the passers by had a lot of questions about what I was using which opened up a great deal of dialogue on the painting process and how the paintings were created which I found was great fun to share.  One person inquired whether my paintings had all been done in pencil, another asked whether it was pastel, and another asked where she could get them as they would be perfect for travel.  Several kids even asked if they could try them too!

In the end, once I started working away I tended to forget that there were even people around.  It was a beautiful sunny warm summer day and wonderful to be painting alongside several other artists, much like the times I have gone plein aire painting in the park with my friends.  I was glad that I chose the pencils because the other artists painting in acrylic were struggling with keeping the paint wet with the wind and in the warm sun.  And in both cases of acrylic and oils they had a lot of supplies they needed to bring.

I had brought several paintings with me to work on thinking that I would have time for each.  But with the busyness of the day, I am still not quite finished with the one I have on the easel in the picture here.  With my portable supplies at the ready I’m going to go out into the garden to finish up the painting and savour the last gorgeous days of summer!  I`ll be sure to post my finished painting here once I`m done.

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