Quan Yin – Acrylic – 40″x40″

This is my latest painting and also the largest painting I have ever done.  And I have to say that I absolutely loved painting on such a large canvas.  The painting was one of several that I worked on as part of Flora Bowley’s e-course I took this past January called Bloom True.  It was an excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone.  I met a lot of wonderful artists in the class but there were many who had never picked up a brush before and all ended up creating wonderful paintings.  The idea was to let the painting evolve over time and through many layers, to see what emerged from the variety of marks we were making.  This painting started by painting blindfolded to music with my fingers! (which I highly recommend too!)  In time I began to see an image appearing above a flower which made me think of Quan Yin.  In a future post I will share pictures of the stages of the painting but for now here is the end result.

Quan Yin - Acrylic - 40"x40"

Quan Yin – Acrylic – 40″x40″

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