Across The Sea – Mixed Media – 11″x30″

I wanted to use molding paste with watercolour which I hadn’t tried before to see how different it was than when using acrylic.  I started by doing “paper pulls” with the molding paste on the watercolour paper.  “Paper pulls”, I learned from an art DVD by Jacqueline Sullivan, is when you put a patch of molding paste on your surface and then use a plain piece of paper to press into the molding paste and gently pull away.   It can create a wide variety of lines and textures and if you are not happy with what you see you can always wipe it off and try again.

I waited for the molding paste to dry and then used watercolours throwing in some salt here and then.  After, I felt I wanted more colour so I went in with Derwent Inktense pencils with a brush and some water.  For the last layer I added a little bit of very fluid acrylic for a few more darks.

Although in the end I didn’t end up with just watercolour and molding paste it was interesting to experiment with a new technique.  Fun and worth a try!

Across The Sea - Mixed Media - 11"x30"

Across The Sea – Mixed Media – 11″x30″

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