Atmosphere – 6.5″x4″ – Watercolour

This is a little experiment I did on a watercolour card that was originally a gift for a friend.  I liked it so much I kept it and my friend ended up with a different card, which he really loved!

I think the thing that I love most about watercolour is watching the vibrant pigment slide across the wet paper into different shapes and mixing with different colours. With this little painting I have also added salt which adds to the surprize and gives it some texture. Sometimes you end up with something really interesting and other times it doesn’t work out quite so well!  But I find that unknown part really fun and even if it doesn’t turn out there is always something learnt in the process.

Atmosphere - 6.5"x4" - Watercolour

Atmosphere – 6.5″x4″ – Watercolour

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