From My Sketchbook – Coronation Park, Oakville – Pen and Wash – 6″x4″

Coronation Park Sketch - Pen and Wash - 6"x4"

Coronation Park Sketch – Pen and Wash – 6″x4″

The weather is beautiful here now!  It makes me want to get outdoors with my art supplies and do some plein aire painting.  One of the great things about sketchbooks and plein aire is that when you look though later it can provide you with some wonderful memories and you can almost feel yourself there again.

This was the case with this quick little sketch I did of one of my favourite trees at the shore at Coronation Park in Oakville.  It was a beautiful hot summer day and several of us had set up for painting by the lake in the park.  Always a wonderful time, there was a lot of chatting being done too but I got in a chance to quickly sketch this tree that stretches itself out over the water and has always fascinated me.  A great memory.

I am looking forward to more plein aire painting days like this!

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