Fun Teaching Two More Workshops With SOAAR at The Oakville Art Society

I had the opportunity to lead the talented group from SOARR for two more workshops in the last two weeks.Β  SOAAR is a community based, innovative day program for young adults/adolescents with autism and developmental disabilities. The group had done a fantastic job creating Christmas cards when I first met them in August so I was looking forward to seeing them again and seeing what they would create next..

In the first class, the group focused on choosing their favourite thing of 2014. They had a choice of it being either a person, place or thing, or their favourite colours. With a few weeks until Christmas, many of them choose to continue on with the theme of the Holiday Season as their favourite, painting a variety of colourful Christmas trees, Santas, Reindeers and even the Grinch. Some of the others decided to paint with their favourite colours and some really great abstract paintings were created. Here are a couple of pictures from the class:


IMG_2814 IMG_2817 IMG_2819

SOAAR Favourite Things Class

SOAAR Favourite Things Class


In the second class, we focused on a more tactile experience by doing Vegetable prints using potatoes, green peppers, broccoli and mushrooms with the paint. We combined that with stamps, collage, markers and some sparkle glue here and there to create some mixed media pieces. Again, the big theme that popped up in many of their paintings was Christmas! Here are some samples from the second class:

SOAAR Veggie Prints, Stamps and More

SOAAR Veggie Prints, Stamps and More

IMG_2839 IMG_2840 IMG_2845 IMG_2846 IMG_2847

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