Magnolia - 7.5

I absolutely love spring!  This time of year when nature comes alive again, I find myself surrounded by my favourite subject matter – bright, vibrant flowers!

I could spend hours in a garden store just looking (hard not to buy more!) and I love all the trees that flower this time of year too – even if it’s only briefly.

I have been enjoying painting lots of watercolours right now of all the different types of flowers that I love and that inspire me to paint.

Although most Magnolias have come and gone so far this year, I painted this little watercolour to remind me of one of my favorite trees until next year.

Happy Spring and Happy June!

2 responses to “Magnolia-Watercolour-7.5″x11″

    • Thank you very much!! I hope you do get the watercolours out, they are fun with painting flowers and also great for painting outdoors! Enjoy!

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