Polynesian Red – Mixed Media – 11″x15″

Polynesian Red - Mixed Media - 11"x15"

Polynesian Red – Mixed Media – 11″x 15″

I came across this really different and unusual flower when I was travelling in Samoa and I was inspired by the vibrant red and the strong shape.  I have never seen a flower like this in my part of the world and I’m not sure of it’s name, so for this painting I decided to name it after the location of my inspiration.

I primarily used Watercolours but towards the end I decided to use some of my Derwent Inktense pencils for a few touches here and there. I love using the Inktense with the watercolour as the ink colours are so vibrant and transparent and layer nicely over top of the watercolour.

One of the many things I love about travelling is that you are exposed to so many different sights and sounds compared to what you are used to and it can provide a lot of inspiration for many future paintings!

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