Lotus Flower Tauranga New Zealand – Watercolour – 5″x7″

Tauranga Lotus - Watercolour - 5"x7"

Tauranga Lotus – Watercolour – 5″x7″

It’s a new year and I’ve embarked on a new project combining some of my greatest loves: travel, flowers (and other wonders of nature) and watercolour!

I am taking part in The Sketchbook Project 2016 (www.sketchbookproject.com) “where everyone starts from the same blank book” and it’s up to the individual artist to fill their book based on the theme they have chosen from the ones provided for the year. In the end, my sketchbook will be part of the Brooklyn Art Library in New York which houses over 33,963 sketchbook from artists in more than 135 countries.

I was inspired to take on The Project by my friend, Marion Younan (www.artwewonderful.com), a wonderful and creative artist who took part in last year’s Project. I got to take out Marion’s sketchbook, and many others from around the world, when The Sketchbook Project landed in my hometown of Oakville, Ontario last summer as part of their travelling library tour. It was so much fun to see so many sketchbooks from so many artists from around the world, experience all the different mediums and styles used, and get a little peek into their lives. With Marion’s encouragement I decided to take part!

When travelling, I always have the great intention to paint all of the incredible things I see but often get so caught up in the experience and just the pure joy of being there that I often don’t. I also have a wonderful collection of photos from some really incredible places that I have kept for a raining day too. This project has encouraged me to get some of those pictures out and paint!

This first painting is from a beautiful Lotus Flower I spotted floating in a pond in a tranquil little garden in Tauranga New Zealand. Tauranga was magical to me! Undeniably one of the prettiest places I’ve seen in the world and painting this was like travelling there again in my mind! A wonderful memory.

I am excited about this New Year and new project and I look forward to more travels through my paintings as the weeks go by!

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