Plumeria – Watercolour – 5″x7″

Plumeria - Watercolour - 5"x7"

Plumeria – Watercolour – 5″x7″

This is another little painting from my Sketchbook Project series focusing on travel, flowers and nature.  No virtual sketchbook trip to French Polynesia would be complete without a Plumeria!  I love this pretty little flower that can be found everywhere in the South Pacific and the smell is so gorgeous that body lotions and oils scented with Plumeria are sold in stores there.

I took this reference photo while I was in Tahiti and I’m glad that I finally got a chance to paint it. I picked blues and turquoise for the background as it reminded me of the incredible colour of the water surrounding the island.

Happy to be in April and headed towards warmer days here in the Northern Hemisphere!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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