Bora Bora Palm – Watercolour – 5″x7″

Bora Bora Palm - Watercolour - 5"x7"

Bora Bora Palm – Watercolour – 5″x7″

I’m getting ready to send my little sketchbook to New York as part of The 2016 Sketchbook Project.  This is my last painting for the book and it is from a reference photo I took while in Bora Bora.

I love Palm Trees as they remind me of happy times I spent visiting my Grandparents in Florida when I was young. And I love to see the variety and differences in the Palm Trees I find in different places around the world.

There is so much incredible beauty on the island of Bora Bora, so much to see and take in, that you might forget to look up and take in the beauty of the trees!

I’m glad I took this photo as it gave me more of a chance to do just that and to savour the view back in my studio as I painted it. It reminded me of the hot sun and the soft warm sea breeze blowing through the palms and rustling their fronds.

I have really enjoyed working on these little paintings for this project.  It has been a first for me as I normally love to paint much larger.  I have also really enjoyed working from my travel pictures as it reminds me of the great memories and experiences I have had in all of these places.  Even though my sketchbook is now complete, painting in this size and from my travels is definitely something I want to continue.

In art as with life, it’s always great to give something new a try!  You never know how much you would enjoy it until you do.

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