New Painting – Emily Blackmore-Origin – 12″x 12″- Acrylic Collage

Emily Blackmore-Origin - 12"x 12"- Acrylic Collage

Emily Blackmore-Origin – 12″x 12″- Acrylic Collage

My newest painting is the second in a series that I started this summer as a result of working with artist Robert Burridge during an incredible art workshop.

The theme of the series centers around a mysterious woman from the late 1800s – early 1900’s where there is very little known about her other than she loved big hats and spent the last part of her life in London England.  The woman in the paintings is my depiction of my Great Grandmother Emily Blackmore Knowland, who remains a mystery to our family despite a lot of digging through research from many family members.

In this painting, Emily Blackmore – Origin, I used a variety of collage papers from throughout England as well as Ireland to create the figure as little is known about her early life before she married my Great Grandfather.

I find in doing the series it is a little like working on a fun puzzle and it’s great to be able to include my love of maps and collage in with the paint too.

Looking forward to getting started on the next one!

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